Booking: I understand that booking amount is a facility provided by CHEdgeMakers to students like me, who want to secure their seats in a batch of their choice. Hence when I pay the booking amount, a seat is booked in my name in a batch of my choice and it is made unavailable to others. Therefore I will not claim any refund in part or in full in case I decide to withdraw my name from batch, for any reason whatsoever.

Registration: I understand that I would be considered a registered student only when (i) I submit this registration form completely filled by me along with 2 recent passport sized photographs, (ii) I will pay the down payment at least 24 hours before the commencement of my batch. If I fail to meet any of these condition my booking would be cancelled and the booking amount shall stand for forfeited.

Non Refundability: I fully agree that the fee once paid by me (through any mode of payment) is not refundable under any circumstances, in part or in full. This means that if I join a batch and then want to leave it for any reason (personal, family, social, academic, etc.) no adjustment of any nature regarding the fees shall be done.

Non Transferability: I understand that booking or registration is done for a particular batch and for particular student. Hence I will not ask for the transfer of this registration amount to any other student or my transfer to any other batch in any case.

Installment Payments: I am aware of the fact that installment option is made available to me only as a convenience. Therefore I agree to pay the full fees of the course as per the installment plan offered to me, regardless of the fact whether I go through the course completely or not

Authorization: I authorize CH EdgeMakers to use the my data, result details and photograph in text, image or video format to be used for publicity of CH EdgeMakers.

Batch Change: I declare that I have collected all the information on the batch (duration, frequency & timing) in which I am registered and I shall not ask for any batch change in future. I appreciate the fact that CHEdgeMakers is committed to induct a limited number of students in every batch and hence such a batch change is not possible.

Cheque Bounce: I declare that I will honour all the cheques that I write to CH EdgeMakers in Favour of Cerebral Learning Solution Pvt. Ltd. Under no circumstances I will stop payment of cheques. In case my cheque is dishonoured, CH EdgeMakers shall have the right to stop my training midway and CH EdgeMakers shall also have the right to take the appropriate legal steps to get the cheque cleared.

Courseware Stop: I understand and agree that if my due payments are not cleared by due dates, CHEdgeMakers shall have the right to stop my training including the delivery of any pending courseware. I hereby accept the above declaration in its words and spirit. I also agree to abide by any changes in the rules and regulation made by CH EdgeMakers in future.