With time of the test being 2/3rd of the last year’s (120 minutes instead of 180 minutes) and questions being 3/4th of the last year’s (76 instead of 100), the test was lengthier. However the flavour of CAT remains the same as types of questions were same as the last year. The conduction was smooth and was managed well considering the current circumstances. In short, we can say for CAT 2020 analysis as SHORTER…SIMILAR…yet LENGTHIER.

Section I – VARC: There were 26 Qs. in this section. 18 Qs. were of RC which were medium to tough. 3Qs were of Para Summary which were Medium to tough. There were 3Qs of Para Jumbles where four sentences were to be arranged. There questions were of medium difficulty. There were 2Qs of Odd Sentences. These questions were also of medium difficulty.
Good attempt: 20 Qs. with 80% accuracy

Section II – DILR: There were 24 Qs. Two sets were of 6Qs each and three sets were of 4Qs. The section was slightly easier than the last year.
Good attempt: 16 Qs. with 90% accuracy

Section III – QA: There were 26 Qs. in this section. The section was a bit lengthy. The sections covered questions from all the areas of quantitative aptitude. The sections was slightly difficult than last year.
Good attempt: 18Qs. with 90% accuracy

A score of 120 plus marks can fetch 99%ile.
A score of 100 plus marks can fetch 95%ile.

In a nutshell, the CAT was on similar lines and was of almost similar difficulty level as of last year.

Follow the link below to watch the analysis of CAT 2020 morning slot.