CAT 2020 Analysis

CMAT-2021 – An opportunity

Year 2020 has been a difficult year for all. Effects of Covid-19 are felt by every sector and placement scenario for current year seems to be somewhat worrisome. So, students who are in final year of their undergraduate studies who are looking forward to securing a good job, might face disappointment on that front. Now, they have two choices; either they wait for situation to improve and do nothing or they upgrade themselves, so that when situation improves, they will be much more suited to grab a good offer.

One of the ways to upgrade themselves is to pursue an MBA. Now, its important that they do so from a good institute then only it will be worth. And to get into a good institute they have to perform well in entrance exam. CMAT is one of the exams that lot of students appear for as through it you can get into a good B-School.

CMAT is generally conducted in last week of January and CMAT 2021 will probably be around same time. CMAT is conducted by NTA and its test is divided into four sections having 25 questions each. Time duration for exam is 180 minutes.

Section 1 (Quantitative Aptitude and Data Interpretation):
This section comprises of around 20-22 questions of QA and 3-5 Questions of DI. In QA questions are asked from almost all areas like Arithmetic, Algebra, Permutation and Combination, Probability, Geometry and so on. Questions are not very difficult but are from various topics so it is important to cover width of topics and not so much depth of any particular topic. In DI CMAT 2020 had one set of 5 questions and before that there were 3-4 single questions. One should be comfortable with different type of graphs to solve these questions.

Section 2 (Logical Reasoning)
This section has questions based on Series, Coding-Decoding, Analogy, Syllogism, Blood Relation, Matrix Arrangement, Data Sufficiency and so on. To prepare for this section one should practice a lot of questions. As more variety of questions, you will practice more comfortable you will get.

Section 3 (Verbal Ability – Reading Comprehension)
This section used to have more questions of RC and lesser of Vocab and English usage. Last year this trend changed and it had only one passage of 6 questions and 19 were of vocab and English usage. So it is imperative to focus equally on all three.

Section 4 (General Awareness)
This section usually has questions from Static GK. So, it is important to read lot of good GK material to score well. If you are not a regular reader then I suggest you start being one then only you can score well in this section.

As discussed above, one can see that CMAT is not a difficult exam but it covers a lot of areas. Hence it is important to start preparing early. Remember each mark counts as it can shoot up your rank to hundreds of places. Once you cover all the areas it is also important to check your preparation through mock tests and use it as a constructive tool to fine tune your strategies.

So, aspirants don’t just stay idle and wait for things to improve. View this situation as an opportunity and start preparing for CMAT if you haven’t started yet.

All the Best!!

Gourav Agarwal

Gaurav Agarwal - CAT - QA/DILR Faculty CH EdgeMakers Author Gourav Agarwal is CAT/MBA Test prep – QA/DILR faculty at CH EdgeMakers