JAM (Just A Minute) round has been there for some time in the interviews. However, it is gaining popularity in the present situation of physical distancing where face to face interviews are reduced.
Companies which offer customer facing roles are particular about the good communication skills of the candidates. Deloitte, Accenture and other multinationals have been using this for some time and now other companies who have internal and external communication as a part of their operating process, are finding this as a useful tool in the process of recruitment.

What do they assess?

1. Grammar use.
2. Sentence structuring.
3. Fluency.
4. Modulation.
5. Confidence while speaking English.
6. Relevance of the content.

How is it done?
Three major ways to run this round are:
1. You are given a topic on the spot and asked to speak on it for a minute.
2. You are allowed to choose a topic from a pre compiled list.
3. You may speak on the topic of your choice.
The third option is rare and not seen very much.

What & how should you prepare?
1. Mind your tenses and singular plurals while using them in your presentation.
2. Refresh the basic grammar concepts like parts of speech, tenses, modals.
3. Practice a lot in front of the mirror. Time yourself strictly.
4. Stay in touch with the current affairs and gather important stories.
5. Memorize a few quotes that you can use in your presentation.

How to make the JAM sweeter?
1. Include some data if you can, to make the presentation more impressive.
2. Always give a concluding sentence.
3. Control your words per minute to produce a clear and audible sound.
4. Take care of your pronunciation.
5. Always give a positive outlook in your concluding statement.

Pitfalls to avoid:
1. Don’t rush through the presentation.
2. Don’t choose a topic just because it sounds different. Choose a topic that you can give words to.
3. Don’t repeat your points, remember it is a presentation and not an explanation lecture.

Some relevant topics:

• Corona Virus
• Disha Case–Are Women Safe in Society?
• Android vsiOS.
• Artificial Intelligence.
• Impact of Social Media on Relationships.
• Government Schoolsvs Private Schools.
• Education in India.
• Education in India.
• Government Hospitals vs Private Hospitals
• Unemployment
• Online Shopping vs Traditional Shopping
• Finance
• Impact of Cinemas on Youth
• Impact of Social Media Apps.

Have a sweet JAM….

Dr. Ajit Srivastava
Dr Ajit Srivastava
Author Dr Ajit Srivastava is HoD Career and Communication Courses at CHEdgeMakers.