Apti for XI


Aptitude for 11th

" Aptitude is at the heart of all competitive achievements, and XI is the best time to get a booster-dose for it. Students, parents and school authorities must realize that XI has to be utilized proactively to develop aptitude-aptness, and lay a strong foundation for future-success".

Ajay Bansal
Aptitude Expert and Course Conceptualizer Co-Founder & CEO - CHEM


India's first dedicated course on
' aptitude development ' for XI-graders
to build foundation for success

in after-12th


in future entrance-exams

like CAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, GRE, GMAT, GATE, UPSC, CDS, IBPS, Bank PO & Recruitment Tests.

in developing mental ability

by improving structured problem solving, critical and analytical thinking, information processing, reading habits, awareness and comprehension. Ajay Bansal Aptitude Expert and Course Conceptualizer Co-Founder & CEO - CHEM

Course Specifics:

Learning Outcomes:

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Q. What exactly does 'aptitude test' of an entrance exam test?
Around 80% of aptitude for any domain can be assessed by testing student on four skills - Quantitative, Verbal Comprehension, Logical Reasoning & Data Interpretation. Together, they can be called aptitude.

Q. Will 'developing my aptitude' prepare me for all exams?
Yes. Developing aptitude will prepare you for all entrance exams irrespective of subject stream (Science/Commerce/Humanities) or targeted domain (Management/Law/Design/Technology etc.)

Q. Now more & more entrance exams are apti-based. Why?
Aptitude tests check 'overall mental ability', and students with higher mental ability have been found to be better learners and achievers when admitted to rigorous courses offered by the top varsities.

Q. Will aptitude development in 11th help in entrance exams?
Yes. It will help in after-12th entrance exams like IIM-IPMAT, NPAT, CUET, SET, NCHMCT, UCEED, CLAT, AILET & SAT. In future, in CAT, XAT, SNAP, CMAT, GRE, GMAT, GATE, UPSC, CDS, IBPS & Recruitment Tests.

Q. Can a student develop 'aptitude' through coaching?
As discussed, aptitude is tested through 4 skills - QA, DI, LR & VA. Like any skill, they can be learnt, practiced & mastered. Coaching helps you do so in a systematic, guided & result-oriented way.

Q. What is the expected academic outcome of this course?
The participating students are expected to develop strong hold on basic concepts of subjects covered and learn to think in a ‘problem-solving mode’. They attain a good balance of speed and accuracy while solving aptitude tests. In the process of learning they surely develop some useful career and life-skills like – reading habits across width of topics, time management, prioritization, awareness about the socio-economic environment around us. And surely a visible positive change is observed in their IQ and confidence.

Q. What is the duration of this course?
This is a 16/24 weeks long course with live online classes. If a student opts for 3-days per week module the course duration will be 16 weeks. If a student opts for weekend batches, the course duration will be 24 weeks. In addition to the live online classes, multiple pre-recorded videos, reference material, practice material and tests will also be provided.

Q. Coverage?
a. Quantitative Ability (QA) Concepts + Tests – Most common topics in Apti tests, including some topics from the Math syllabus of XI-XII taught in a very simple manner.
b. Verbal Ability (VA) Concepts + Tests – Focus on Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Critical reasoning, and Vocabulary Building including Vocab-hacks.
c. Data Interpretation (DI) and Logical Reasoning (LR) Concepts + Tests – Covering data types, calculation techniques, Approximation, and multiple modeling techniques for LR
d. General Awareness and Current Affairs – Regular dose to support Reading habits

Q. What will be the method of teaching (Pedagogy)?
a. The course this year is designed to keep participating students safe from the risks of pandemic – and is scheduled to run entirely in online mode.
b. Regular live online classes to maintain structure, regularity and discipline
c. Inventory of Videos for self paced revision and reinforcement
d. User friendly student portal that keeps everything in single log-in
e. Topic wise tests to keep students on their toes
f. Live online classes to be conducted, frequency of which is students’ choice (3 days (MWF) per week or weekend sessions per week).

Q. What all study material will be made available, and how?
The entire study material shall be made available online, in an easy to read format with features like – font size change at a click, continuous display of how much is read. The online course-pack would include following at the minimum, plus extras on need basis..
a. QA reference books (3)
b. VA reference Books (5)
c. GA and CA handouts
d. DILR – Reference book (1)
e. Practice Sheets
f. Online tests

Q. How will the doubts be solved?
This will be a mentor driven course, where the batch mentor shall keep track of the progress of students. Following doubt-solving mechanism shall be available:
a. Pre-recorded videos to pre-visit and re-visit the concepts at a pace comfortable to the student.
b. Regular live doubt solving session topic-wise
c. Mentor assisted revision and doubt solving plan

What students of 'Apti for XI' say about it...


Nandani Jha,

St.Conrad's Inter College , Agra
For a person like me who hated MATHS, after attending 2-3 sessions of Quant at CHEM's Apti for11th my hate and fear both were gone.

Nikhil Thakur

St Peter School, Bhopal
The faculty is friendly and pays attention to each and every student and hence all my doubts are solved. This course helps to build the basics.


Pauravi Goyal,

Chameli Devi Public School, Indore
I thank CHEM for such an interesting & resourceful course. It helped me develop my logical skills. I will say it is the most effective online course.

Shruti Pachorkar,

Shri Satya Sai Vidya Vihar, Indore
I thank the faculties at CHEM who ensured that ashy student like me was comfortable in asking the smallest of doubts. The study material is thorough.


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